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Padel tips

Many players come to the padel court from tennis. These tips will help you improve your padel game!

Tip #1

Practice with the walls. Many new players on the court try to half-volley the ball behind the service line. It is really important that you get used to allowing the ball to bounce off the glass. You have to get comfortable with the glass and build up confidence to improve your game.

Tip #2

Forget power. In tennis a power shot normally means a point but in padel it can be used against you. Harder shots might give your opponents an advantage because it will come further off the glass and allow your opponent to come back closer to your side of the court. Try to be strategic and play with control instead.

Tip #3

Play as a pair. It might sound obvious but it is one of the most important things in padel. When you or your partner isn’t in the right position, it will leave open space on the court. So try to move forwards and sidewards together to cover the gaps together.

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