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How to Improve Your Padel Serve?

By August 8, 2022No Comments2 min read

How can you be more effective with your service?

It is good to know that you are able to give more spin to the ball with tennis than you can do with padel. This may sound very logical but we still see a lot of people try to put a lot of spin to their service and make a mistake because of this. You just want to put a little bit of spin to the ball by playing a soft slice. If you do this, the ball will stay lower and this is more than enough when serving. You don’t want to surprise your opponent with a heavy service, because this will only cause you to make more mistakes. A simple service is enough because this is more consistent and accurate than a service with a lot of spin.

How much speed do you give to your service? This depend on how accurate your service is. If you can hit a fast service which is still accurate, than it’s fine to play this of course. But if your accuracy goes away when hitting your service faster, you should not play a fast service. You can always be more aggressive with your first service because you always have second service. But you also want to avoid that your first service is very aggressive and your second service is very weak. It’s better to be more consistent than powerful!

The best way to play your service is to place it in the corner with the glass. This is because the ball will stay low and it will bounce of the glass. The other difficult spot is on the T line. If the ball hits the ground or the glass, it will stay super low as well.

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