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How to win more points in padel!

By August 8, 2022No Comments2 min read

How to win more points during a padel match?

Padel is just like any other sport, you always want to be on the most strategic place possible to minimize the possible mistakes you can make. You want to be consistent, but also strategically educated to make as many points as possible.

The best position in padel is close to the net, here you can play as aggressively as possible. Your opponents are in the back of the field, this makes you able to play more attacking than them. The main goals is to score a point and this can be achieved by getting these sub-goals:

  • Get a good position at the net
  • Keep the good position
  • Move with your partner

If you move with a partner, you should make sure you don’t give away too much space. This is the reason why you should come to the net after serving. This gives you a beneficial/ attacking situation to get a point as quick as possible.

If you hit a return, you’re automatically in the defending role. This role you want to change into an attacking one as soon as possible. But you want to do this with the least amount of mistakes possible, therefore; make sure you have patience to play a lob. Sometimes it is better to wait for a good ball to play a lob rather than getting an attacking position as soon as possible.

A part of the padel pitch is seen as “no mans land”. This is the place between the first glass wall and the iron wall. If you position yourself here, you are more likely to get a lot of balls on your feet. These balls you want to avoid because you can not put a lot of power in these shots. Try to move back or forward whenever you notice that your standing in nomansland!

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