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These padel tactics will improve your game

By August 8, 2022No Comments2 min read

Tactics – Padel

Where to stand on the court, how to hit a certain ball and where to place the ball. Padel is all about tactics. In this article we will give a tactic to you which you can use in the next few games, so that you don’t have to overpower your opponents. You will understand the game much better if you play with a strategy.

Focus on control at the back of the court

Pick the right moments to attack. Don’t rush into the net and play the aggressive ball when it’s not the right moment. Be selective and take your time! Particularly in the beginning it’s so important to take your time and build up confidence at the back. When you take your time at the back you can identify your opponents weaknesses and see what they’re struggling with.

Focus on control at net position

At net position you should also take your time. Control the ball into corners and don’t be aggressive on every ball at net. The aggressive shots are more risky and therefore you’re more likely to make mistakes. Focus on consistency and hold the net position as long as possible.

Focus on control physically and mentally

Playing with a controlled mindset and taking your time is good for the physical and mental capacity as well. Physically seen, you will save more energy because if you keep sprinting forwards and backwards all the time you will run out of energy. It’s the same with the net position. If you keep trying to hit the powerful smashes and Vibora’s, you will run out of energy faster. Taking your time is also good for your mental state. In Padel you have a constant kind of adrenaline rush. When you’re at net the adrenaline is higher and when you’re at the back it’s lower. If you take your time you can level out that adrenaline spike and you are more likely to make the right choice because you’re calm.

Challenge! – Try to implement this in your next game. Be consistent, take your time and don’t make any winners. Let your opponents make the mistake and win the points in this way.

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